102nd ephrata fair!
September 21-25, 2021

(717) 733-4451

Ephrata Fair Contests & Exhibits

See the Premium Guidebook for rules and entry guidelines.

Contest Locations

4-H & FFA Ag Contests

Contest Location
Dairy Beef Grater Memorial Park
4-H Dairy Grater Memorial Park
Boer Breeding Goats Grater Memorial Park
Breeding Sheep Grater Memorial Park
Lamb Grater Memorial Park
Swine Grater Memorial Park
Goats Grater Memorial Park
Good Housekeeping Grater Memorial Park
Grains Grater Memorial Park
Pumpkin Grater Memorial Park
Tobacco Grater Memorial Park
Textile Sciences and Art
Ceramics Ephrata Borough Building
Needlecraft (Knitting, Quilting, Crochet, Cross Stitch Ephrata Borough Building

Action Packed Contests

Contest Location
Antique Farm Tractor Pull Grater Memorial Park
Antique Tractor Games Grater Memorial Park
Quoit Tournament Grater Memorial Park
Pig Drop Contest Grater Memorial Park
Cow Milking Contest Grater Memorial Park

Art Contests

Contest Location
Drawing Ephrata Fire Hall
Oil Painting / Acrylic Ephrata Fire Hall
Photography Fair Office
Print Ephrata Fire Hall
Watercolor Ephrata Fire Hall

Cooking and Baking Contests

Contest Location
Angel Food Cake Fair Office
Apple Pie Fair Office
Baked Goods Fair Office
Bread Machine Breads Fair Office
Butter Cakes Fair Office
Candy Fair Office
Cheesecake Fair Office
Cookies Fair Office
Cupcakes Fair Office
Decorated Cake Fair Office
Egg Cakes Fair Office
Fantastic Dessert Fair Office
PA Preferred Baking Chips Fair Office
PA Preferred Cocoa Fair Office
Homemade Soap Fair Office
Homemade Noodles Fair Office
Pies Fair Office
Potato Chips Fair Office
Rolls Fair Office
Quick Breads Fair Office
Yeast Breads Fair Office

Craft Contests

Contest Location
Bead Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Calligraphy Ephrata Fire Hall
Ceramics Ephrata Fire Hall
Cone, Nut & Seed Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Dried Flowers Ephrata Fire Hall
Gift Boxes Ephrata Fire Hall
Decorations Ephrata Fire Hall
Dolls Ephrata Fire Hall
Folk Art Ephrata Fire Hall
Household Furnishings Ephrata Fire Hall
Jewelry Ephrata Fire Hall
Leather Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Macrame Ephrata Fire Hall
Models Ephrata Fire Hall
Mosaic Ephrata Fire Hall
Painted Clothing Ephrata Fire Hall
Painted Objects Ephrata Fire Hall
Paper Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Plaster Craft Ephrata Fire Hall
Pottery/Stoneware Ephrata Fire Hall
Scherenschnitte Ephrata Fire Hall
Scrapbooking Ephrata Fire Hall
Sculpture Ephrata Fire Hall
Shell Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Stamping Ephrata Fire Hall
Straw Work Ephrata Fire Hall
Tie Dye Ephrata Fire Hall
Weaving Ephrata Fire Hall
Woodwork Ephrata Fire Hall

Family Fun Night Contests

Contest Location
Apple Balancing Race
(Ages 9-11 & 12-14)
Grater Memorial Park
Bag Race
(Ages 8-14, 2/Team)
Grater Memorial Park
Bale Throwing
(Ages 15+)
Grater Memorial Park
Egg Throwing
(Ages 15+, 2/Team)
Grater Memorial Park
Potato Picking
(Ages 5-7 & 8-10)
Grater Memorial Park
Three Wheeler Race
(Bring Your Own, Ages 4 & Under, 5-8)
Grater Memorial Park
Water Balloon Throwing
(Ages 8-14, 2/Team)
Grater Memorial Park
Wheelbarrow Race
(Ages 14+, 2/Team)
Grater Memorial Park

Growing Contests

Contest Location
Floral Exhibits Ephrata Fire Hall
Flowers Ephrata Fire Hall
Fruits Grater Memorial Park
Grain, Seed, Forage, Tobacco Grater Memorial Park
Houseplants Ephrata Fire Hall
Pumpkins Grater Memorial Park
Ornamental Grasses Ephrata Fire Hall
Vegetables Grater Memorial Park

Just for Fun Contests

Contest Location
Group Exhibits From Local Organizations Grater Memorial Park
Decorated Wheelbarrow Grater Memorial Park
Coloring Contest Grater Memorial Park (Barnyard Academy)

Parade Contests

Contest Location
Parade See Route

Needlecraft Contests

Contest Location
Afghans & Quilts Ephrata Borough Building
Clothing Ephrata Borough Building
Quilt Block Ephrata Borough Building
Rugs Ephrata Borough Building

Raising Contests

Contest Location
Apiary Products (Honey, Beeswax) Fair Office
Dairy Cattle Grater Memorial Park
Poultry Grater Memorial Park
Rabbits Grater Memorial Park

Specialty Food Contests

Contest Location
Canned Fruit Fair Office
Canned Vegetables Fair Office
Culinary Delights (Chili Sauce, Fruit Leather, Fruit Syrup, Jerky, Pizza Sauce, Salsa, Salted Nuts) Fair Office
Dried Fruits & Vegetables Fair Office
Juices Fair Office
Pickles & Relishes Fair Office
Spiced Fruits Fair Office
Spreads (Butter, Honey, Jam, Jelly) Fair Office
Homemade Wines Fair Office

Youth Contests

Contest Location
Art Ephrata Fire Hall
Crafts Ephrata Fire Hall
Decorated Pumpkins Grater Memorial Park
Foods Fair Office
Flowers Ephrata Fire Hall
Models Fair Office
Needlecraft Ephrata Borough Building
Photography Fair Office