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Enter a Contest at the Ephrata Fair!

It's easy! Begin by clicking on one of the departments below to read more info on the contest. See FAQ below for an overview of the exhibitor process at the Ephrata Fair.

Pre-Registration has closed - You may pick up tags for your pre-registered items at the Fair Office (19 S. State St) any time after 9:00AM Monday 9/25

Missed pre-registration? No worries, we're happy to receive your entries from 3:00PM-8:00PM on Monday 9/25

  • Bring your baked goods, models, photography, canned goods, wine, and honey to the Fair Office at 19 S. State St

  • Bring your plants, crafts, and artwork to the Pioneer Fire Hall (135 S. State St)

  • Bring your needlework to the Ephrata Borough Hall (124 S. State St)

Click here to learn about the Scrapple Eating Contest

Who: There are many contests available for all ages at the Ephrata Fair. First time

exhibitors are always welcome and encouraged to ask questions! Some

contests are divided into age groups for a level playing field.

What: The Ephrata Fair features a variety of contests for items ranging from

critters, crafts, cupcakes and everything in between! You can view the full

directory of contests and their rules in this premium book. The chairpeople

that oversee the various contests are listed as well, so you can easily contact

them if you have questions.

Where: Exhibit drop off locations will vary depending on the type of item.

Baked goods, photography, and models should be dropped off at the

Ephrata Fair Office. Plants, crafts and artwork go to the Pioneer Fire Hall.

Needlework items are received at the Ephrata Borough Hall. Animals,

vegetables and grains are located in Grater Memorial Park. A detailed list

of locations is available on the “Maps” page at and inside

the premium book.

When: Exhibits located in the Fair Office, Fire Hall and Borough Hall are received

from 3pm-8pm on Monday, September 25 and can be picked up on Sunday,

October 1. Exhibits located in Grater Memorial Park are received from

4pm-8pm on Monday, September 25 and removed on Saturday, September

30 from 8am-10am.

How: Entries are categorized into a Department, Section and Class. For example,

if you were to enter your famous chocolate chip cookies, you would be

competing in Department 15 (Home & Dairy Products), Section 101 (Baked

Goods), Class 13002 (Chocolate Chip). Your entry would compete against

others in the same class.

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