102nd ephrata fair!
September 21-25, 2021

(717) 733-4451

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Welcome to the 2019 Ephrata Fair, “The largest street fair in Pennsylvania”. The Ephrata Fair has been a significant part of local history for 101 years, showing our many agricultural events and exhibits, as well as all the fun on the Midway.

Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s number one industry, and at the Ephrata Fair, we’re proud to do our part in promoting, preserving and educating the public about our agricultural heritage. The agricultural farming exhibits, prize winning animals, tractor events and other family fun contests are located in Tom Grater Memorial Park, known as Tent City.

The pulse of the Ephrata Fair is on the Midway, with its exciting rides, fun games and lots of delicious food. The Main Street midway extends from Lincoln Avenue to Park Avenue and branches out State Street in both directions as well as onto area parking lots and business lots. Main and State Streets are closed to traffic during the week of the fair.

The Ephrata Fair is a time-honored tradition passed down through generations where families and friends can come to re-live their past and to renew old friendships. Senior Day and Kiddies’ Day offer discounts, entertainment and special events during the day. As part of your fair experience, be sure to tour through the various buildings and see the many exhibits displayed for competition. Don’t miss the Ephrata Fair Parade on Wednesday of fair week, and the Baby Parade on Saturday.

The Ephrata Farmers Day Association Board of Directors would like to thank you for your continued support of the Ephrata Fair. We depend on you as a community, as well as dedicated volunteers, for a fun-filled and successful week. If you would like to join our volunteer team, please call us at 717-733-4451, ext. 1000, or fill out the contact form found here.

Board Members

  1. Connie Hutchinson
  2. Betsy Leinbach
  3. Terry Sheetz
  4. Christine Burkholder
  5. Deb Felak
  6. Elaine Sensenig
  7. Galen Kulp
  8. Ralph Hess
  9. Kurt Brown

  1. Matt Smith
  2. Merv Esh
  3. Randy Leinbach
  4. Rick Pfautz
  5. Ryan Cochran
  6. Stephanie Smith
  7. Sue Pfautz
  8. Joel Latshaw
  9. Lynette Sauder

2018 Officers

Elaine Sensenig – President

Matt Smith – Vice President

Stephanie Smith – Secretary

Sue Pfautz – Treasurer

New Telephone System for the Fair

In an effort to protect the privacy of the volunteers that work for the Fair and realizing that chairmen periodically may change their phone numbers, the Ephrata Fair installed a phone system designed by BlueCloud Consultants.

The system will receive all calls to the Fair phone number (717) 733-4451 then route them to the chosen department chairman’s home phone. The department extensions are also published in the Premium Book. There is also the option to follow the Interactive Voice Relay to find the department if you do not have access to the extension from another source.

Fair Committees – (717) 733-4451


General Advertising

  1. The Shopping News
  2. Hocking Printing Co., Inc.

Computer Center
Phone Ext 1009

  1. Merv Esh
  2. Ralph Hess

Phone Ext 1001

  1. Joel Latshaw
  2. Vic Richard
  3. Randy & Betsy Leinbach

Commercial Exhibits
Phone Ext 1004

  1. Pam Musser

Action 2_lowres

Fair Office
Phone Ext 1000

  1. Betsy Leinbach
  2. Whitney Zimmerman
  3. Stephanie Smith

Domestic Exhibits
Phone Ext 1890

  1. Elaine Sensenig

Kiddies Day
Phone Ext 2502

  1. Tara Lesher

Phone Ext 1002

  1. Randy & Betsy Leinbach

Stopped Action 024_lowres

Premium Book

  1. Christine Burkholder

Property & Supplies

Phone Ext 1005

  1. Elaine Sensenig


  1. Les Martzall
  2. Kurt Brown
  3. Randy Gockley
  4. Randy & Betsy Leinbach
  5. Allen Pettyjohn


Senior Citizens’ Day
Phone Ext 2503

  1. Stephanie Smith

Phone Ext 1003

  1. Kurt Brown

Tent City

    1. Ryan Cochran Ext 2505
    2. Rick Strauss Ext 1095
    3. Lynette Sauder Ext 2506
    4. Pam Musser Ext 1004


Contest & Exhibits

gricultural Demonstrations
Phone Ext 2504

  1. Sarah Stauffer

Antique Farm Machinery
Phone Ext 2411

  1. Les Landis
  2. Ron Kline
  3. Robert Landis

Phone Ext 2311

  1. Melissa Voler

Phone Ext 1911

  1. Tina Hanney

Association Window Display 
Phone Ext 2001

  1. Connie Hutchinson

Baked Products
Phone Ext 1515

  1. Deb Felak

Butters, Spreads & Jams
Phone Ext 1520

  1. Melissa Voler

Canned & Dried Products
Phone Ext 1540

  1. Melissa Voler

Cornhole Tournament
Phone Ext 2231

  1. Ken Harsh


  1. Becky Irvine – Adults Ext 1921
  2. Natalie Sensenig – Youth Ext 1193

Dairy Beef Show
Phone Ext 1030

  1. Andy Bollinger

Dairy Cattle
Phone Ext 1020

  1. Brian Smith

Family Fun
Phone Ext 2236

  1. Caleb Strausser
  2. Tom Bollinger
  3. David D. Zimmerman

Phone Ext 1710

  1. Delores Nolt

Grain, Forage & Pumpkins 
Phone Ext 1070

  1. Billy Saylor

Lambs & Sheep
Phone Ext 1040

  1. Jeff & Deb Bollinger
  2. Burnell & Jen Oberholtzer

Livestock Sale
Phone Ext 1010

  1. Jen Oberholtzer

Market Goats
Phone Ext 1060

  1. Michelle Kunjappu
  2. Pat Musser

Phone Ext 1941

  1. John Frantz


  1. Nancy Good – Adult  Ext 1810
  2. Melanie Zimmerman – Adult
  3. Joanne Brubaker – Youth Ext 1180
  4. Jenny Martin – Youth

Pedal Tractor Pull
Phone Ext 2212

  1. Todd Stauffer


  1. Jackie Nelson – Adults Ext 1912
  2. Jackie Nelson – Youth Ext 1192

Phone Ext 1080

  1. Colleen Worley

Quoits Tournament 
Phone Ext 2238

  1. Bob Williams

Phone Ext 1090

  1. Jenn Martin

Phone Ext 1050

  1. Rick Pfautz
  2. Rick Strauss
  3. Steve Strauss
  4. Bob Strauss
  5. Kerry Boyd
  6. Cory Pfautz

Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts
Phone Ext 1310

  1. Bob Foster
  2. Natalie Brossman

Homemade Wines
Phone Ext 2111

  1. Beth Kimmel